We certify that all our packaging and packaging components comply with the requirements of sustainability.

PMMA Jars and PET Bottles

We use Pmma jars for our E=mc2 series. PMMA releases no pollutant substances to the environment. At the end of its product life and after careful separation from other materials, PMMA can be used for energy recovery and chemical or mechanical recycling. PMMA scrap is not classed as hazardous waste. And for Mystic White Skin glowy supplement and Ageless Recovery Eye Gel, they are all made in PET. PET is also completely recyclable and highly sustainable. It can be recovered and recycled into new products again and again, reducing the amount of resources wasted.

Responsible Sourcing

Our vision is to be responsible for the earth — protecting land and clean water, human health and rights.

Charity fundraising

We are committed to supporting charities at both local and national level. As a business, we support one charity each year, we donate USD$1 to charity for every purchase made on We are delighted to support Operation smile HK Support as our chosen corporate charity. We hope that by raising awareness and money we will help the charity to provide free, safe, professional and life-changing surgery for the children from rural areas.

what do we care:


We recognize and appreciate staff’s effort, we support employee wellness and welfare.


We care and volunteer to serve the less privileged groups and next generation in the society.


We support 4R (reduce, reuse, recycle, replace) to have a better life for the planet and next generation.